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Party Food and Drinks

Balloons, cake, goodie bags, charades, scavenger hunts, pi�atas � all these fun kids party supplies offer great memories that your children will cherish forever. The most memorable kids� birthday parties have the most memorable party treats and games so make sure you have tons of everything. Find some group activity party games and offer prizes to keep your children excited. You should also organize a buffet with party snacks that match the theme of the event. The birthday cake will appear in all of the party photos so make sure it�s one of a kind � colorful and original is the way to go. No matter what kids party supplies you choose the more heart you put into the choices, the more your kids will appreciate it.If you are holding the party at home, think about where your guests will go for games, food etc. If you are using an external venue, be clear about costs, deposit terms, set up times, clean up fees, waivers etc. 5. The party theme Decide on your theme early as this affects so many other areas. Consider your child, for example what they like and dislike, any hobbies and activities they love, or would love, to do, favorite characters and TV shows. 6. Party Food and Drinks Will you make your own food? If so, look for party recipes. Decide on your menu, and write out shopping list. If you are thinking about caterers, ask friends and family for recommendations and get quotes in writing. If you are catering for parents also, make sure you include them in your calculations. Add in additional drinks requirements. 7. Party Decorations Decide how you will theme your party, and what decorations are needed. If you are making your own, write out list of required items to complete your crafts, check what you need to buy in, and shop around for best prices. If you are purchasing ready made decorations, again check out internet and local stores to find the best buys. 8. Party Games Write out list of party games, materials needed and prizes needed. Put an approximate timing to the games.