senate house education 兒童學習

香港大學聯招放榜,有人歡喜有人愁。考獲入大學最低資格的有2.8萬人,惟聯招資助學位只有區區1.2萬個,只怪香港地少人多,大學學位一席難求。為選出精英中的精英,香港的公開考試也只能愈設愈難。以往香港對應於英國的高考,成績總會被調整一至兩個等級,不過去年12月有關當局公布,文憑試的5**等級於英國聯招的分數對照被評為最高。senate house education Our in-house Experiential Active Learning approach is a protracted curriculum combining key methods and objectives of the above branches. It is a teaching process based on progressivism that occurs between our tutors and students that infuses direct and empirical experience with the learning content and environment. Our tutors purposefully engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop students’ capacity in various different forms.
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Jolly phonics
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senate house education 就以去年為例,除了傳統名校外,被看作「平民學校」的迦密中學也有兩位學生獲牛津取錄。對於有意主動報讀牛劍的學生,除了要了解報讀的要求及成績優異外,亦要留意準備入學試這重要的一環。

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